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Bamboo Surfboards

Bamboo surfboards hawaii are made to order, fob Hilo Hawaii and are available in most contemporary shapes.

Future boxes are inset into recesses in the bamboo bottom skin in 100 psi high density foam fordurability. (you supply fins)

Rails are a 100 psi high density foam - painted and glassed for flex and ease of repair. You can tell us what colors and patterns you like, or we can do it for you; check out rail colors and textures in the gallery for ideas.

Decks of bamboo surfboards are up to 4 layers of bamboo/epoxy laminate in hi-stress areas over a 60 psi medium density foam. Bamboo decks tend to not dent from normal use unlike glass boards

Film finish

Bamboo surfboards use a proprietary semigloss film finish for the final coat. No pinholes and lightweight, the resilient film tends to dent rather than shatter, maintaining a water proof coating.
Because any board of a reasonable weight can be damaged, the film finish is easy to repair with epoxy.

Fish or tapa prints or other graphics can be included under the film finish if desired. see logo and graphics in the gallery.

For a quote, email with your ideas and specs.
Pricing is generally in the $125 per foot of length for bamboo. Wood veneer boards are on the $150 to $200 per foot range.

Ride what you like, with respect for the 'aina.
Bamboo Surfboards = happy surfers, happy planet


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