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STANDUP PADDLING – getting your water time and staying in shape while surfing without waves.

Standup paddling allows an older surfer (or non-surfer) to get quality water time, extend the stoke and you do not even need waves – just cruising is fun.

Back bays, the cove around the point or around the bend in the river, hard to reach from land, are not only intriguing to get to over water, you can have fun and stay in shape while getting there.

You can get away from the crowds and you don’t need waves or wind to recharge – just water, a board and a paddle.

Humans are designed to be standing upright when doing muscular activity – so even when standup paddling for a few hours, we are less prone to muscular imbalance which can lead to stress, aches and fatigue.

I started surfing waves in 1961 at a time when longboards were heavy and knee paddling was ‘de rigeur’.

Over the years, as surfboards became shorter and lighter, prone paddling became the rule. Now, after over 40 years of surfing, my neck and upper back get really tight if I surf two days in a row or if I am out for an hour or more.

Similar things happen to my legs or lower back while paddling a kayak or canoe. Numbness, cramps, pins and needles, etc.

Mountains, trees and sky - the view from the water usually looks better. Check out the photos and see what you think!

So STANDUP, get your balance and practice! See the water world in a new perspective without bugging your surf buds. Save that for later, when you are on your surfboard, are in better shape and can out paddle them.

But standup board paddling is possible with out all that.
Because of the need to stand parallel, we are forced to balance on the board – this gets our legs (humans’ largest muscle group) into the act.

Pivoting and leaning forward while paddling from the standing position also works the abs. These actions, together with pulling the paddle ad up to a great way to get a workout, see new things and recharge our psyche for your next life task.

I recently traveled to California from Hawaii for some mountain, lake and visiting time, I planned to take my Bamboo Standup ™ paddle board for further exploration of this new sport.

The first pleasant surprise was the lack of damage to my 22 lb Bamboo Standup ™ from Hawaiian Airfreight.
Even though I packed the 10-9 board in a recycled double walled refrigerator box from Sears and had NO PADDING on the rails, there were no dents on the rails.


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