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Bamboo standup board and canoe paddles

Bamboo Standup paddles and outrigger canoe paddles are available. Bamboo Steering paddles are available on special order.

Bamboo standup paddles are a hybrid laminate of epoxy, carbon and bamboo that tend to be light and durable.
The bamboo outer skin looks naturaly good and tends to stay cooler than the 'carbon finish'. The stiffness of the paddle shaft can be adjusted by changing the ratio - more carbon for stiffness, more bamboo for flex and toughness.


A note on Bamboo Canoe paddles - Stiffer paddle shafts tend to be less friendly to our tendons and ligaments.

Several years ago, all carbon fiber paddles were popular due to light weight and the belief that stiffness was better. Now the trend is to shafts of wood because they are more user friendly and result in less injuries.



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